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Have you ever been stumped on have your car repair?
How to get to this or how to do that? I have been a mechanic for a lot of years and am here to offer some help if you want it. Use the form on the Tips page to send me your question and I will do my best to help you
I don't have an inspector like this, just found this entertaining. Animated gif by imgur.com
If you want to save some money on parts using Amazon or eBay I am willing to help, there are some items or brands that you do not want to use, they are poor quality, you need to stick with name brands.

Here are some tricks to save you money and time.

For example this picture, use an old serpitine belt to hold the crank pully to losen the crank bolt without the use of an impact gun, I use this way at the salvage yard all the time. Works great at the salvage yard where power tools are limited.

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