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Use a fuel line clamp to close off the brake line hose, this prevents the brake fluid from draining out of system as you change a caliper or wheel cylinder.
( Be careful not to over tighten, want to tighten just enough to stop the dripping.) And one more thing REMEMBER TO REMOVE IT WHEN DONE, it is easy to forget.

When a timlng belt job the first thing I do is aling the cam and crack timing marks to block and head, then mark there location with a paint stick ( I use White-Out it works well ). This way you can tell at a glance if you are on are the timing is off, (saves you a lot of head ache).

For marking components I like to use White Out (I get mine at the Dollar store)

The way to hold the flywheel or a Subaru when removing and replacing. Make a holding strap out of a piece of metal, or you can buy a fylwheel holder.

This is a Subaru Outback 2.5L

Here is a way to hold almost every crank pulley to rmove and tighten the crank bolt without using a impact gun. This way you do not have to remove the radiator (Speeds your time up and is easier).and is salvage yard friendly, you can grab a belt off another car to use.

This tool will make your job of removing the Honda crank pulley much easier.
It will hold the crank pulley, Those crank bolts are extremely tight.

How to Lock the brake rotor to easily to remove ane tighten the axle retaining nut. This can be done by inserting a screw driver inone of to the vent openings of the vented brake rotor.This positivly locks it from rotating.

When you have an ignition miss in your car, and when you pull the spark plugs out and you see a black line down the side of the spark plug insulator. that is what is called carbon tracking. it is burned into the spark plug and the spark plug wire, You have to change both to gat rid of the problem.

Holding a camshaft timing gear with a tool to loosen the bolt and leave the timing belt on keep your cam timing in place to makes reassembly easier. Do not need to remove camshaft.
Make sure to mark the timing gears before removing the timing belt.

You will need a tool to hold the camshaft timing gears in a Toyota Sienna to remove the gears to change the oil seal. To reach the rear cam gear can be a challenge.